Back in the Saddle - Ruth Logan Herne
Colt is a well known person on Wall Street. He has all the nice suits and the look of a winner. But as the stock market starts to take a dive, he makes a decision to go back to his hometown. He grew up on a huge ranch called the Double S. It won't be easy going home for him since he has some relationships that need mending. So begins the story of a modern day prodigal son. Will he be welcomed by everyone?

Angelina finds herself working as a housekeeper at the ranch. She is very hard working and family oriented. When she meets Colt it is almost like an explosion going off. He didn't expect her to be in the house and she wasn't expecting him at all. As they begin to get more accustomed to each other they begin to have feelings for each other. Angelina knows that she is hiding something about her past and it is just a matter of time before her secret is found out. Will Colt support her or will he feel betrayed?

The Stafford men are a force to be reckoned with. Rough around the edges, decent, hardworking, stubborn to the core. But each grapples with deep wounds from their past. Patriarch Sam Stafford is finally ready to face the part he played in his broken family and willing to make amends...if it's not too late. What a wonderful set up for the Double S Ranch series.

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