The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club - Duncan Whitehead
The Gordonston Ladies Dog Waling Club was definitely full of mystery and suspense. I love how the book introduces each character and what their lives are like day to day. It gives you a glimpse into their lives, which I enjoyed knowing who was who and how they lived.

The book will take you to Gordonston Park where all of the neighbors in this upscale neighborhood in Savannah Georgia gathered to walk their dogs, jog and of course, the women of the dog-walking club are having their cocktail hour at the picnic table as they did every day at the same time in this historic wrought iron surrounded park.

I love how this book took me to this park and how I pictured every detail of the very exclusive park, and how the old-fashioned Georgia homes looked. This book does start out a bit slow but it definitely picks up, and then you are hooked. I recommend this debut novel by Whitehead to everyone who likes a book where you can take yourself there, and the suspense of which done it, and then you are shocked when you learn who was actually involved.

I would like to thank Rebecca at The Cadence Group for giving me the opportunity to read and review Duncan's debut novel.