Who Is This Man?: The Unpredictable Impact of the Inescapable Jesus - John Ortberg
I love John Ortberg’s writing, and this book has not changed my mind at all about his writing or his teaching. In Ortberg’s new book, Who Is This Man? There were some awesome historical contexts around many of Jesus' stories told in the gospels as well as how radical Jesus' ideas were within those political and social contexts. I always thought I knew my bible but after reading Ortberg’s writing of Who Is This Man? I know in my heart and soul that in fact Jesus was human just like we are and He did make His own mistakes, but ended up paying the ultimate price.

“We often do not live in the way of Jesus. It is strange how our heroes have changed.” (Chapter 6)

“You and I are not morally superior to members of the ancient world. We are no better because we live later. But we live in a world that has changed in this regard. We live in a world where the lowliest of the low are seen differently than they were two thousand years ago.” (Chapter 6)

This book is one you will want to keep in your library to read again and for a great reference book. I highly recommend this book to anyone, Christians, and non-Christians alike, you will love to read the historical context, and it is amazing.